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reusable reasoning

Humans use about 1.2 million plastic bottles per minute in total.

Virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form (with the exception of the small amount
that has been incinerated).

Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles per year, averaging about 13 bottles per month for every person
in the US! That means by using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually.

The world uses 500 billion plastic cups every year. The world also produces more than 29 million US tons of polystyrene
(plastic foam) each year. Americans alone throw away around 25 billion Styrofoam coffee cups every year.

At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Many countries lack the infrastructure to prevent plastic
pollution such as: sanitary landfills, incineration facilities, recycling capacity and circular economy infrastructure,
proper management and disposal of waste systems.

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ets partnered with


to support nature-based solutions that restore the planet

every order you place will support verified nature-positive projects around the globe, including the US

At ETS, we're committed to the health of our planet. We love that our reusable drinkware collection helps reduce waste, but
we want to do more. That's why we're supporting restoration projects that revitalize habitats through our partnership with veritree.
Every ETS order you place will support verified restorative plantings.
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click here to visit our impact hub to see our latest impact statistics based on trees we are planting

sustainable production practices

ETS continues to lead the industry with production practices that reduce waste and protect natural resources:

Reducing our impact on landfills by reusing all packaging materials from our factory which includes master and inner cartons, gift boxes, and polybags.

Using low-waste and/or recyclable components in most of our products when possible.

Environmental Stewardship Program

We are committed to creating and implementing an Environmental Stewardship Program to reduce energy use and eliminate waste
throughout our operations. Our focus is on worker health and manufacturing processes to lower our carbon footprint and create
improved sustainability in all our sourcing, physical plants, product specification, and manufacturing activities.

The key points of our sustainability strategy are:

Reduce our carbon foot print by installing high-efficiency lighting and reconfigure equipment to reduce power loads.

Reduce and eventually eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can be emitted by inks and solvents.

Implementing a Banned Hazardous Substances program to eliminate the use of chemicals and materials that may injure or harm
our personnel, our customer, and our environment.

Promoting the use of safe, long-lasting, and reusable drinkware to contribute to saving our natural resources, protecting against
unnecessary waste, and preventing against overuse of our landfills.

ups carbon neutral

ETS is proud to ship orders using UPS® carbon neutral, which supports projects that offset the emissions of your
shipment's transport. With environmental projects ranging from reforestation and waste water treatment to landfill gas
destruction, UPS® carbon neutral is another way we can all make a difference.


ETS has been awarded the SILVER MEDAL as a recognition of our EcoVadis Rating.

Since its founding in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business
sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 100,000+ rated companies. The EcoVadis sustainability
assessment methodology is at the heart of their Ratings and Scorecards and is an evaluation of how well a company has
integrated the principles of Sustainability/CSR into their business and management system. Click here to learn more.

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