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What is insulation?

Insulation is the reduction of heat or temperature transfer by manufacturing processes and/or materials. We provide a number of options to meet your insulation needs. From double wall air insulation to copper lined vacuum insulation, there is a bottle for everyone. Your reusable & insulated bottle can make you feel good about your impact on the environment while providing an ideal temperature while you are out.

Why does it matter?

Everyone is on the go these days. It is just the time and location that we are on the go that differs. Some of us are at a desk, while others are physically running around. With our lives constantly moving, we need to be more deliberate with the time we have. One of the best ways to do so, is to stay hydrated along the way. And having control of the temperature of that on-the-go beverage is where insulation comes into play.


insulation types

silicone sleeve air insulation vacuum insulation copper vacuum insulation
protective sleeve air in between walls no air between walls no air between walls +
copper plated inner wall
good better best superior
$ $$ $$$ $$$$

*time may vary depending on item construction, material, and ambient conditions and use

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