Promo Standards API

Promo Standards is a set of website guidelines for ensuring that the promotional industry uses the same handbook for an easier pairing of supplier information to a distributors website. Utilizing this resource, we were able to start the process of having a web API for our customers. With that, we are happy to announce that we now have two API connection points for our customers in the following categories:

  • Inventory
  • Order Statuses
  • Shipping Notification
  • Invoices
  • Product Data
  • Product Pricing & Configuration


The inventory API will allow customers to feed information regarding stock through their website. This will help to address stock inquiries more directly for the end user.

Order Statuses

Each customer that subscribes will have a link to their companies order statuses, so that they can go a step beyond the portal and make that information available through their site.

Shipping Notification

This connection point allows for customers to see if an order has shipped.


Invoices allow you to make the connections that your business needs. This release has recently been updated into a production level offering.

Product Data

This connection will allow you to reference the item numbers and details pertaining to currently offered items.

Product Pricing & Configuration

This recently added feature allows for getting pricing listed from our website to yours.

These are just some of the steps we are taking to help simplify your workload and meet your business needs.


For information on connecting with ETS through Promo Standards, please login to and request access. Once the request is received and processed, the interested company will be supplied with an access point for them to utilize this service.

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