March 1st, 2021

To Our Valued Customers,

At some point each of us has reflected on 2020 with some similar thoughts, our challenges incurred, and hope for a better outlook in 2021. There are many things our team has learned this past year that makes us feel more confident in ourselves and as a company for this new year. We share with many of you an increase in confidence that we can help create a better outlook and performance together this year.

While our confidence remains strong, there are some realities and challenges that have carried over into this new year that we cannot overlook. Most of these challenges we hoped would dissipate to some degree through the first quarter of this year. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Information available and trends show that these will continue for some time throughout the year, possibly longer.

As many of you have seen or experienced, there is a widespread global issue for international transportation of goods. We are seeing record shortages in shipping capacities while costs to ship soar to new levels never seen or predicted. These challenges and issues are commonplace for all global import or export shipments, not just our industry.

Meanwhile, COVID continues to not only spread, but has been a catalyst for worldwide limitations on production capacities, unforeseen labor and supply chain shortages, and raw material availability both domestic and internationally. Manufacturers everywhere, including our company, are challenged in their efforts to improve their work force and acquire necessary materials to operate their business. Many of the material shortages come up without advance notice, making them very sporadic and/or delayed in their availability. These issues create challenges to provide an efficient and consistent supply chain for material suppliers and manufacturers alike. This has driven costs up globally for raw materials, labor, and many other areas involved to produce manufactured goods.

As a company, we have been monitoring this closely and working diligently to find ways to improve efficiencies and keep our company and product costs down. At the start of the year we decided to hold on passing through product price increases in hopes these areas would improve. Our research shows that collective market conditions will not improve soon, and the unfortunate time has come that we need to adjust our product prices. We are providing this notice to help provide additional information and time so that you may prepare your clients and opportunities accordingly.

Effective April 1st, 2021 our website will be updated to reflect these new product pricing changes. We will extend published pricing before this date on purchase orders received before April 1st. After this date, we will need to adjust our prices for all orders moving forward. Our teams will be providing communication on all price quotes up until this time period to help prepare for this transition.
We truly value your support and patience during these challenging times.

Sincerely, Your ETS Team and Family.

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